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Who We Are

This Association was founded in June of 2006. EMS personnel from Powell Valley Hospital, North Big Horn Hospital, Eastern Wyoming Ambulance Service, Fremont County EMS, Jackson Hole Fire & EMS, Wyoming Medical Center, Cheyenee Fire & Rescue and Sublette County EMS met for an exploratory meeting to see if starting a new State Association was justified. This group decided that it would be feasible to have a second association in the state.

Our mission is to establish a member based organization to support EMS providers in the State of Wyoming through advocacy, educational programs and research. The four main objectives of the Association are:Founded June 2006

  • Retention
  • Funding
  • Equipment
  • Training

It was also decided that the Association would not only represent ambulance services but all prehospital providers throughout the STate of Wyoming.

The Wyoming Association of Prehospital Providers became an official organization on July 20, 2006. We will operate as a non-profit organization in the State of Wyoming with an interim governing board until elections in 2007.